Our Mission

To enable any organisation to systemise the management of its business and remove unnecessary duplication and waste and so maximise their efficiency and effectiveness, helping their people to make the most of every moment.

Our Philosophy


Every business is the same

We believe that every business has the same fundamental business functions:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Operational Planning
  3. Programme & Project Management
  4. Benefit Management
  5. Risk Management
  6. Performance Management

However, how a business organises itself around each of these functions is different – so every organisation is different. Our software provides a consistent approach to managing and delivering these business functions by systemising business management.

Generic software

So that it can be universally adopted, the QOREX software is generic at its core – based on four business components; Drivers, Objectives, Measures and Enablers – but flexible enough to be tailored to every organisation large and small.

Our Values



We should demonstrate excellence in everything that we do – it should be remarkable (i.e. worthy of remark). Our software and customer service should be simple, intuitive, effective, of extreme quality and impute greatness.



We operate in the knowledge of the financial, resource and time constraints that our clients face. As such we are focused on speedy deployment, minimising the time investment from our clients and maximising an early return on their investment – not just financial but outcome and emotional as well.



We question everything and always assume that things can be done differently and better. We drive thought leadership and innovation. The combination of our structured approach and our leading-edge web-based software, provides a compelling solution for our clients.



We ensure that we operate with the highest standards of professional integrity, honesty and openness at all times. Our integrity enables us to work collaboratively, flexibly and effectively, sharing a common vision, mission and set of philosophies.

Our Clients

The QOREX approach is described by our clients as:


“Beautiful in its simplicity and the clarity that it creates”

Nora Morrissey, Strategy Manager at Transport for London


“You have shown me a vision of what a well-managed organisation could look like”

Mitchell Leimon, Head of Major Projects and Commercial Assurance at the Department of BIS


“I can see how QOREX can completely transform our business”

Graham Softley, Director of IT at Buckinghamshire NHS Trust


“The best Christmas present that you could give a control freak like me”

Catherine Timmins, Head of PMO at Mid-Yorkshire NHS Trust


“QOREX is quite simply a game changer”

Fiona Clutterbuck, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development at The Phoenix Group