Structured Portfolio, Programme, Project Management

Enabling Senior Executives and Portfolio Managers, Programme Managers and Project Managers to adopt a standard and consistent approach to delivery whilst maintaining the link to strategic objectives.

Your Portfolio, Programme, Project Management Challenge

Senior Executives and Portfolio, Programme and Project Managers of complex organisations need to ensure delivery is exceptionally well managed with outcomes contributing significantly to strategic objectives.

How QOREX Portfolio, Programme, Project Management Can Help You

QOREX provides a structured and well defined approach to delivery management across the business, compatible with existing methodologies such as PRINCE2® and MSP® to become the hub of the organisation’s Programme Management Office (PMO).

QOREX ensures adoption of a standard and consistent approach to managing delivery along with the capability to share best practice and lessons learned across the organisation.

Why QOREX Portfolio, Programme, Project Management is Important For You:

  • QOREX compels the adoption of effective project and programme management practices through a structured approach, compatible with and enhancing existing methodologies
  • QOREX ensures that a Portfolio, Programme, Project can be very quickly be set-up such that its scope is well-defined with a clear focus on delivery not simply activity
  • QOREX requires, through its structure, that a Portfolio, Programme, Project is integrated with the organisation’s imperatives and objectives

What QOREX Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Does:

  • QOREX offers a full delivery management solution that will become the core of the Programme Management Office.
  • QOREX focuses on structured delivery outputs where each is linked within the system to a single objective or set of targets
  • QOREX contains a number of automated project tools e.g. Highlight and Snapshot reports that conform to PRINCE2® standards
  • Automatic reports are managed by QOREX and can be distributed at the push of a button.
  • QOREX enables the project manager to concentrate on providing reporting commentary rather than on data collection, version control and distribution.

Action Management

The Action Management capability enables actions to be defined, monitored and managed as a new entity within the system. Actions can be associated with any other entity within the system (e.g. Business Targets, Enablers, Delivery Management Vehicles such as projects and programmes, Risks and Issues, Documents etc.)

This enables individual action plans to be managed and maintained within the system bringing prioritisation and focus for staff to work on what is most important and critical for the business.

Document Management

The QOREX Document Management System provides a comprehensive product/document repository enabling the most current version of project documentation and associated deliverables to be shared appropriately across the organisation and beyond (e.g. to key suppliers that are contributing to project delivery).

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