The QOREX STP Delivery Masterclass

This one day STP Delivery Masterclass is for Executives, PMO Leads and Project Managers who want to ensure that their STP/ACS plans are delivered efficiently, effectively and collaboratively. Aimed at STP/ACS Collaboratives, CCGs, Local Authorities, Health and Social Care Providers and other STP/ACS stakeholders, the STP Delivery Masterclass will show you how to:

  • Ensure your STP plan delivers your anticipated objectives and results
  • Adopt a portfolio approach to delivery, optimising the structure of your portfolio, programmes and projects
  • Implement a consistent approach to programme and project management
  • Design and implement efficient and effective governance
  • Enable collaboration across your health and care system while putting you in control of delivering your plans

our approach

We can help you to deliver your plans effectively and e ciently, making the best use of your finite resources. The STP Delivery Masterclass is developed from our in-depth experience of delivery within the NHS and is underpinned by a structured framework and our remarkable Business Management Software.

QOREX Delivery Triangle
How our STP Delivery Masterclass can help you

The best way to deliver a coherent whole-system transformation is by taking a portfolio approach. This can be summarised as prioritising and managing the total investment in the change required to deliver your STP plans. Taking this approach provides clarity as to how your objectives will be delivered.

A standardised approach to portfolio management ensures consistency in the way that you manage and deliver your STP plans. This increases e ciency and outcomes and allows you to compare like with like across the organisations that make up your STP.

Our underpinning framework enables a collaborative approach by creating transparency across organisations in both planning and managing the delivery of the portfolio and ongoing reporting.

It gives you timely and focused data and information about how well things are going and makes sense of the vast array of overlapping measures, targets, outcomes and KPIs, which puts you in control and facilitates evidence based decision making.


A partnership approach to whole-system planning and healthcare delivery across a local area is a radical shift from the previous commissioner/ provider split approach and leads to a number of challenges:


How do you design a plan that is logical, coherent and addresses national priorities while meeting the needs of your local population?


How do you ensure that your plans are easily understood, focused and prioritised, with a clear line of sight from your objectives to how they will be accomplished and by whom?


How do you ensure a consistent approach to delivering your plans across a diverse range of organisations that makes the best use of finite resources?


How do you create an environment in which people can collaborate, cooperate and trust each other so that you leverage the capability and expertise across the partnership giving your plans the greatest chance of success?


How do you create a uni ed culture across a large complex geographically dispersed organisation, that results in shared assumptions, values and beliefs, and nurtures high levels of engagement, commitment and motivation?


How do you control delivery of your plans across a diverse and dispersed range of stakeholders in your local health and care system, supported by a simple, effective and a ordable governance structure where accountability and responsibility for achieving your plans are understood?


The QOREX STP Delivery Masterclass costs

£2,987 + VATper team

and is a one day event for Senior Executives and Portfolio, Programme and Project Managers.

The STP Delivery Masterclass is one of a range of STP focused solutions and services provided by QOREX.

Early bird discounts are available, please contact us for details.

"QOREX has skilfully demystified the complexity that was our STP portfolio, and revealed a hidden beauty in a simplified and ordered governance. Pure brilliance."
Adele Yemm, SW London STP
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