Staff Performance Management

Enabling Senior Executives, Line Managers and Operational Managers of complex organisations to integrate their Staff Appraisal and PDP System with corporate objectives.

Your Staff Performance Management Challenge

Senior Executives and Line Managers of complex organisations need to be confident that staff objectives and resulting performance reflect corporate objectives.

How QOREX Staff Performance Management Can Help You

QOREX enables corporate objectives set through the strategic planning round (including cultural and behavioural objectives) to be reflected in staff appraisals.

QOREX ensures that individual appraisals and personal development planning integrates with business planning.

Why QOREX Staff Performance Management is Important For You:

  • QOREX enables the automatic connection of high level objectives to staff records to maintain the “Golden Thread” of organisational to individual performance to reduce repetition and duplication
  • QOREX allows the automatic production of secure online (printable) staff appraisal forms eliminating the need for the time-consuming manual production of forms
  • QOREX supports on-line 360⁰ appraisal for easy submission and maintenance of staff records

What QOREX Staff Performance Management Does:

  • QOREX Staff Performance Management automatically links the Corporate with the Personal in such a way that individual and personal objectives are positioned as subsets of corporate objectives.
  • This retains the link between high level objectives and individual objective-setting and between individual and corporate performance
  • Corporate objectives set through the strategic planning round including cultural and behavioural objectives and corporate values are reflected in staff objectives, staff records and staff appraisals
  • Individual performance is reflected in corporate performance
  • The QOREX Staff Performance module integrates seamlessly with the QOREX Performance Management module

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