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QOREX is a remarkable web-based software application that ensures organisations accomplish their strategy by optimising and delivering their transformation portfolio, programmes and projects.

We have deployed QOREX across the transformation portfolios of the NHS, the Public Sector and organisations within the commercial and utilities sector.

To help you assess the value that QOREX can add to your transformation portfolio, we have developed a benchmarking tool that can measure your current delivery performance.

The QOREX Wheel is showing objectives with their associated results, services and projects.


QOREX Solution Wheel
QOREX Solution Wheel

This example is taken from the NHS in England and drills down into the area of diabetes.

Showing the:

Corporate objective – Preventing and Tackling Diabetes

Ambition – Good control of blood sugar, BP and Cholesterol

Service – Diabetes Service - GP

Deploying QOREX provides the following benefits:

  • Clarity. The relationship between projects, work-streams, programmes and portfolios of work and their contribution to strategic and operational objectives can be identified and communicated.

  • Consistency. QOREX enables programme and project management methodologies of choice to be applied and adhered to consistently.

  • Focus and Accountability. QOREX provides prioritisation of which programmes, projects, deliverables and benefits provide the greatest contribution to value. Provides a clear chain of accountability for the programme of change, with the facility to take personalised views of the data based on sphere of responsibility.

  • Collaboration. QOREX enables collaboration on programmes and projects across the organisation and stakeholder landscape.

  • Efficiency. QOREX removes duplication and redundancy of effort, resource and delivery, to maximise efficiency and productivity. It also provides the automation of reporting, version control and document distribution.

  • Cost saving. QOREX increases clarity, consistency and focus along with enabling effective collaboration and delivery which leads to cost reduction and improved quality.


QOREX is Software-as-a-Service that is functionally rich and can be used to support a whole business or individual function.

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