The QOREX Solution

QOREX is a remarkable software application that ensures you accomplish your strategy by optimising the delivery of your transformation portfolio, programmes and projects.

QOREX enables transformation portfolios or large change programmes to get up and running quickly, supporting project managers through standard templates, risk management, benefits management and automated reporting; guiding your organisation to:

  • Make smarter investment choices
  • Optimise transformation
  • Embed new ways of working
  • Gain clarity, consistency, prioritisation and focus
Deliver your strategy through a balanced and managed portfolio

QOREX is a remarkable software application that maximises the performance of any business, programme or project.

Visualise and connect every aspect of transformation

QOREX provides a clear line of sight from objectives to delivery to enable collaborative working and information at your fingertips. QOREX provides a secure, seamless flow of information across locations, divisions, operations, partners, people and projects.

Get fast results, make smarter investment choices

QOREX brings together measures, targets, outputs and KPIs and connects these to your transformation drivers and objectives. QOREX brings transformational and business as usual data together, to understand what is happening where, to help you develop the right transformation programme.

QOREX drives clarity, consistency, prioritisation and focus by:

  • Capturing the scope of the business or portfolio and presenting it via graphical illustrations that can be RAG rated and filtered to help focus attention
  • Associating objectives with results and enabling activity, establishing a ‘golden thread’ that links the business case benefits to the investment in developing capability
  • Providing one version of the truth, rather than multiple sources of data and version control headaches
  • Supporting a standardised approach to portfolio, programme, project and benefits management; supporting a review process that embeds continuous improvement
  • Significantly minimising effort required for routine reporting and governance activity
QOREX Integrated view of Business
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QOREX is Software-as-a-Service that is functionally rich and can be used to support a whole business or individual function.

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