QOREX PATH Software for STPs

Delivering Health and Social Care Transformation

QOREX PATH for STPs is the Health and Social Care version of our remarkable Business Management Software.
This STP specific software helps STPs/ACSs overcome the challenges of managing STP delivery to achieve health and social care transformation.

You have developed STP plans that address the health and care needs of your local population and meet NHS England requirements. The inherent complexity of these plans virtually guarantees delivery challenges. QOREX PATH offers software that hands you both clarity and control of your STP plan and fosters collaboration.

QOREX PATH connects STP performance with transformation. Performance monitoring becomes an integral and straightforward part of managing the STP plan not simply feeding the information beast. QOREX PATH does this by bringing together the array of measures, targets, outputs and KPIs and connects these to your transformation drivers and objectives

You don’t have to take our word for it, here is what one NHS client/user says

"QOREX has skilfully demystified the complexity that was our STP portfolio, and revealed a hidden beauty in a simplified and ordered governance. Pure brilliance."
Adele Yemm, SW London STP

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Why QOREX PATH will help you

QOREX encompasses comprehensive and easy to use business management functionality. From objective setting to delivery management, benefits management to risk management, QOREX is quick to set-up and intuitive to use. To help you further we have pre-populated an STP instance of QOREX for you, making it STP specific. QOREX PATH specifically addresses the challenges of STP delivery that you face.

QOREX PATH has been developed through significant desk research and tested with an STP. It draws on both NHS England metrics and local population needs and ambitions.

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Working together with QOREX

At QOREX we are passionate about making a difference to health and social care. We know that services are under real pressure and the success of STPs is critical to the future of our healthcare system. We are keen to work together to help you achieve this transformation.

There are several quantifiable benefits that you can expect from QOREX PATH, these include, your time and resource is focused on priority initiatives that bring the highest value and you manage one set of data, one version of the truth to enable evidence based decision making.

For your route to effective STP delivery, contact us for a no-obligation demonstration of QOREX PATH.

Not sure if QOREX can help you? Take our STP delivery readiness assessment

A quick and easy, on-line tool which shows you how to assesses and benchmark your STP delivery readiness.

You immediately receive a free personalised report highlighting key areas to help improve your STP's ability to deliver this complex health and care transformation.

The report will provide you with valuable insight into where you need to focus time and effort to improve your STP delivery performance further.

After reading your report, if you would like a further discussion on how to ensure your organisation delivers your anticipated objectives and results then contact us.