QOREX Software for Local Authorities

A cloud-based business management system for Local Authorities

QOREX for Local Authorities is the version of our remarkable Business Management Software designed specifically for councils. This Local Authority specific software helps support councils in planning, managing and reporting council performance in a time of high demand for local public services within financial and resource constraints.

Your Challenges

  • Demand management

    With a surge in demand for social care, housing and environmental services how do you plan and manage the achievement of the array of your desired outcomes for local services?

  • Productivity and quality

    How do you effectively prioritise competing calls on your financial and people resources to achieve productivity gains and quality improvement?

  • Financial devolution

    How do you balance local tax receipts with financial borrowing to reduce risks, deliver benefits and achieve outcomes?

QOREX Local Authorities Pyramid

QOREX for Local Authorities connects local service delivery plans and improvement plans with Council performance outcomes. Complex performance monitoring becomes an integral and straightforward part of managing you Local Authority. QOREX does this by bringing together the array of outcomes, targets, and pledges you wish to achieve, connects these to your drivers and objectives and enables you to manage and report across risk, benefit and outcome types. QOREX provides the clarity of an executive performance dashboard with the flexibility of drill down monitoring and reporting.

"QOREX has skilfully demystified the complexity that was our STP portfolio, and revealed a hidden beauty in a simplified and ordered governance. Pure brilliance."
Adele Yemm, SW London STP

QOREX Software

QOREX encompasses comprehensive and easy to use business management functionality. From objective setting to delivery management, benefits management to risk management, QOREX is quick to set-up and intuitive to use.

QOREX is secure and meets best practice (OWASP) cyber security principles. Role based access control ensures appropriate levels of security within QOREX and hosting is UK based using dedicated servers.

Working together with QOREX

At QOREX we are passionate about making a difference to Local Authorities delivering local services. We know that services are under real pressure. We are keen to work together to help you achieve your goals for your local population.

The quantifiable benefits that you can expect from QOREX:

  • Outcomes: You are focused on the priorities that achieve the most effective outcomes for your Local Authority.
  • Resources and Costs. Overlap and duplication across the council can be identified and removed so resources are focused, and costs managed.
  • Management and Control. You have control of your programmes and projects, linked to your outcomes, so performance management and reporting is quick and easy.
QOREX Local Authority Wheel