Health and Social Care Sector

Our work in Health and Social Care originates directly from our founders’ early careers in the NHS.

QOREX was born out of first-hand experience of the impact on progress and patient care caused directly from complexity in the health system.

With our technology, we aim to improve the burden on NHS professionals. Replacing complex and unwieldy tools and spreadsheets with a fully functional cost-effective digital business system.

QOREX PATH for the NHS overcomes the challenges of collaboration and delivery to achieve effective and efficient health and social care transformation.

Pre-populated with health and social care performance data it’s also draws on both NHS England metrics and local population needs and ambitions.

QOREX PATH brings to life every aspect of collaborative transformation, visualised alongside any consequential impact on quality of care, value for money and patient experience.

We have successfully deployed QOREX within several Health and Social Care departments and partnerships.



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