Flexible Interactive Mapping

Enabling Senior Executives and Managers to create a directory of services to locate customers, suppliers and other contacts on a flexible interactive map.

Your Interactive Mapping Challenge

Senior Executives and Managers of complex organisations need to quickly identify the location and details of organisations or specific services.

How QOREX Interactive Mapping Can Help You

The QOREX interactive mapping module provides comprehensive mapping capabilities that can be tailored to the needs of the organisation.

Customers, suppliers and other contacts can be added to the directory of services and made available on the interactive map.

Filters can be applied that display only those organisations or specific services that are available on particular days and times.

This interactive directory search capability can be made available for use within an organisation’s own website enabling provision and controlled access to the organisation and service directory.

Additional data can be layered onto the map to create heat maps of activity that can be linked to the organisations and services.

Why QOREX Interactive Mapping is Important for You:

  • QOREX simplifies your service directory
  • QOREX makes visible the location and details of organisations and services
  • QOREX allows maps of activity to be created

What QOREX Interactive Mapping Does:

  • Provides GIS functionality specific to your business need.
  • Offers comprehensive search capability.
  • Shows heat maps of selected activities

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