Financial Services Sector

QOREX has been successfully deployed within financial institutions.

QOREX saving the financial services sector time and money, by:

Making Connections
  • Connect multiple, highly complex, often global projects, to streamline delivery.
  • Replace complex and unwieldy spreadsheets with a fully functional cost effective digital business system.
Ensuring Continuity
  • Keep your brilliant business cases for transformation projects visible and live, rather than filed away.
  • Retain continuity of progress and delivery in a fast-paced environment, even when people move on.

The Financial Services sector is facing a deluge of regulation and competitive pressure. Quality, cost and schedule adherence are vital. Change projects are business critical. The coordination of highly complex, global reach projects are demanded at Board level. All against the backdrop of tight budgets and scarce resources.

QOREX is remarkable Business Management Software that makes those vital complex connections easy and ensures effortless continuity which in turn can save you time and money.

QOREX gives you a tighter grip on your complex, interconnected projects. From objective setting to delivery management, benefits management to risk management, QOREX is quick to set-up and intuitive to use.

QOREX delivers quantifiable benefits
  • Your time and resource is focused on priority initiatives that bring the highest value
  • You manage one set of data, one version of the truth to enable evidence-based decision making
  • You have visibility of an audit trail of action, achievement and continuity.

QOREX has been successfully deployed within several financial institutions.

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QOREX Value Score Chart


"QOREX is quite simply a game changer"
Fiona Clutterbuck, Board Director of Strategy and Corporate Development at The Phoenix Group


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