Effective Risk Assurance

Enabling Senior Executives, Managers and Risk Managers  of complex organisations to develop a comprehensive risk assurance framework across the business from projects and programmes to organisational governance.

Your Risk Management Challenge

Senior Executives, Managers and Risk Managers of complex organisations need to effectively identify, manage and prioritise risk to ensure that the organisation is able to achieve its objectives efficiently and effectively.

How QOREX Risk Management Can Help You

QOREX provides an integrated risk management system with a risk escalation hierarchy that enables risks to be evaluated, prioritised and managed at the appropriate level in the organisation.

This provides a comprehensive risk assurance framework across the business enabling appropriate collaboration for optimum risk management and mitigation.

Why QOREX Risk Management is Important for You:

  • QOREX enables a hierarchy of risks to be identified, managed and escalated at the appropriate level in the organisation from project delivery to strategy level; risks can be associated with any aspect of the business for effective management
  • QOREX provides a standard, comprehensive, cohesive risk assurance framework across the organisation so there is no requirement for multiple risk management systems and risk can be prioritised appropriately
  • QOREX enables transparency, accountability and collaboration to generate an understanding of the broader business context when undertaking impact assessment: this can be made in the context of the business, not simply per project, so mitigation of risk can be appropriately focused

What QOREX Risk Management Does:

  • Risks and issues can be associated with other entities within the system (e.g. Business Targets, Enablers, Delivery Management Vehicles such as projects and programmes, Documents, people etc.) enabling risks and issues to be prioritised and managed appropriately for the benefit of the business.
  • Provides a consistent and collaborative approach to risk management whether at a project or corporate board level ensuring that the right people are focused on the priority risks at the right time.

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