Strategic Business Planning

Enabling Senior Executives and Managers of complex organisations to develop a single version of the truth from vision and strategic objectives through to operational accountability.

Your Business Planning Challenge

Senior Executives and Managers of complex organisations need to be confident that their strategy is clear and consistent and makes accountable those who are responsible for its delivery.

How QOREX Business Planning Can Help You

QOREX enables strategic and operational objectives and their measures to be approved and accountability allocated and managed.

QOREX ensures that business drivers and their impact on the business are documented, managed and understood.

Why QOREX Business Planning is Important For You:
  • QOREX simplifies and structures business plans to impart direction and accountability
  • QOREX makes visible the link between long-term goals and current actions
  • QOREX translates goals into structured activity and measures

The QOREX Wheel – your organisational performance on a page

QOREX Perspective Wheel
QOREX brings transformational and business as usual data together, to understand what is happening where, to help you develop the right transformation programme. The QOREX Wheel is showing objectives with their associated results, services and projects.

You have access to a depth of information directly from the Perspective Wheel just by hovering over the different elements.

Stategic Business Planning - QOREX Wheel

What QOREX Business Planning Does:

  • Provides a visual and dynamic representation of organisational strategy, colour-coded so that areas requiring performance improvement can be identified quickly.
  • Enables the whole organisation to work together, in an integrated and collaborative manner.
  • Provides focus on organisational priorities, in order to achieve goals and objectives on time and within budget.


QOREX is Software-as-a-Service that is functionally rich and can be used to support a whole business or individual function.

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