Become a QOREX Partner

Our partners are an extension of our team and fundamental to our growth. They share our core values and support our goal to become the ‘go-to’ business management system that transforms the way people work.

Why Join Our Partner Programme?

  • QOREX is a competitive, future proof solution
  • To provide a unique, value add approach to consultancy by wrapping your customer propositions around the software
  • To increase revenue and marketing opportunities
  • To add even more value to customers as an industry expert
  • To improve customer satisfaction

Every implementation of QOREX requires consulting support to ensure that it is tailored to the customer’s organisation and requirements. This can vary from a few days to a major assignment, depending upon the customer’s QOREX journey.

What We Look for in a Partner:

  • Specialist knowledge
  • Access to industries
  • In depth understanding of your clients’ business, their problems & challenges
  • Consulting capability
  • Shared values

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